Questions: How do we know that Hi-Integra is a competent and trustworthy construction company?
Answer: Hi-Integra is accredited by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board as category A construction company. Over the years, prominent clients such as Rockwell Land Corporation, Monde M.Y. San Corporation, Starbucks Coffee, to name a few, have been entrusting their construction needs to Hi-integra.
Questions: What is the advantage of dealing with Hi-Integra?
Answer: Compared to big construction companies, Hi-Integra is medium-sized and therefore does not have big office overhead. The owners of Hi-integra are engineers themselves and are very much involved in the operations thus ensuring quality and cost-effective services.
Questions: How competitive are Hi-Integra’s prices?
Answer: The answer to that question is relative to whom you compare our prices with. Definitely, quality and workmanship will carry a premium, thus, compared to new and lesser known companies with no track record to speak of, our price will be a bit higher. But, given that we are a medium sized company with a very efficient workforce, we give our clients the best value for their money. In fact, we can offer a very flexible scheme for our clients where in they can have a freehand in sourcing out some or most of the big ticket items (cement, steel bars etc. ) themselves thereby giving them control of around 70% of the total project cost. This innovative scheme effectively reduces cost without compromising overall quality and workmanship.
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